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Car Trunk Extension Tent At The Rear Of The Car

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Introducing the Car trunk extension tent at the rear of the car. This unique and convenient accessory can be set up in minutes and can provide shelter from the weather when camping or traveling. It is also perfect for storing extra items when traveling, making it a versatile and practical addition to your vehicle.

Looking to get a little more space inside your car? Check out these car trunk extension tents! They come in different shapes and sizes, so you can find one that fit your needs perfectly. Plus, they're easy to set-up and take down, so you can use the extra room whenever you need it.

Product Overview:

  • Convenient to Carry: Convenient to carry, no complicated operation required. Put the product on the car and select the appropriate hook. It is small and convenient without taking up too much space in the car, more convenient to carry.
  • Super Large Curtain: Super large curtain, double opening on both sides, 1.5㎡ cloth door + screen door double design, wide vision, excellent ventilation effect, 2-way 4 zippers, double opening inside and outside, zipper lockable, safe and worry-free.
  • Better Wind Resistance: Fits car body well, uses elastic joints, better wind resistance, suitable for various SUV models.
  • High-quality Fabric: 2000mm waterproof performance, encrypted silver-coated PU waterproof fabric, silver-coated fabric, effectively block sun and ultraviolet rays, let you better rest in the car, effectively block rain.
  • Prevent Mosquitoes: Use B3 gauze, effectively prevent mosquitoes and allow you to spend a perfect afternoon. Reflective strip up to 6M make the night safer.

Product Specifications:

  • Tent Structure: Single-layer tent
  • Support Material: Steel
  • Spatial Structure: One bedroom
  • Style Function: Fishing, waterproof, light and thin, ultra light, warm, wild survival, adventure, picnic, windproof, cycling, ultra light weight, cold protection, winter fishing, night fishing
  • Size Information: 56.0 cm * 30.0 cm * 8.0 cm

Package Content:

  • Basic
    Storage bag*1
    Lock ring *1
    Manual *1
  • Package A
    Storage bag*1
    Lock ring *1
    Manual *1
    2.5/3m fixed elastic rope*2
    Luminous metal nails*2
    Package two
  • Storage bag*1
    Lock ring *1
    Manual *1
    2.5/3m fixed elastic rope*2
    Luminous metal nails*2
    Metal support rod*2
    1.5m beautiful night light*1