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Pet Water Drinker Ball Feeder

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Pet Water Drinker Ball Feeder | Hanging Water Drinker | Cage Pet Water Cup

Introducing the Pet Water Drinker Ball Feeder, a hanging water drinker for your pet's cage. This unique and innovative water dispenser is perfect for pets that tend to drink too much water from their food or water dishes. The ball feeder holds two cups of water and dispenses it through a small hole in the top. This allows your pet to drink without filling up their dish or having to get down on their hands and knees.

The Pet Water Drinker Ball Feeder is a great way to keep your pet hydrated. This hanging water dropper can be hung in a cage or on the side of the house. The Cage Pet Water Cup is a great way to keep your pet drinking water without having to give them a regular cup.

Product Overview:

  • Easy to Install: Designed to quickly and easily install it on the side of a pet cage or kennel using a rotatable wheel, this water dispenser allows you to easily care for your precious dog or kitten.
  • Quick and Easy Bottling: Unlike ordinary cat and dog water dispensers, all you have to do with this product is to turn it over, unscrew the top, fill it with water, and then tighten it again.
  • Using Note: When using the reusable poodle kennel feeder, please make sure your pet is happy and full of moisture! It allows you to provide water for the kennel without making a mess.
  • 360° Rotation: The portable dog water bottle comes with a no-drip nozzle design. You can change the direction by rotating the top cover 360°. It is easy to adjust the height of the water bottle.
  • The Best Choice: Since it will not drip unless your pet touches the tip lightly with the tongue, this unique gravity kennel drinker ensures that your friends can drink safely when they are thirsty.

Product Specifications':

  • Name: Hanging cage water feeder
  • Material: ABS+Stainless steel
  • Color: blue, sky blue, pink, white
  • Applicable Objects: cats, dogs
  • Capacity: 500ML, 700ML

Package Content:

  • Water feeder*1

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  • Pets